Oracle Centre for e-learning and teaching

The "Oracle Centre for e-learning and teaching" have been set up at

1) Gram Vikas Vidya Vihar, Rudhapadar and
2) Gram Vikas Shiksya Niketan, Th. Rampur.

This project equips our two residential schools with the Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and facilities and at present 600 students is being benefitted from this programme. The implemented state-of-art ICT infrastructure model in our remote schools helps to enhance the learning capabilities of students using technologies and applications like e-learning. The centre aims to attain the long term goals like:

  1. Improve the overall efficiency of the delivery of education in our schools.
  2. Evolve scientific temper in students for questioning, reasoning and experimenting.
  3. Support collaborative and cooperative learning.
  4. Empower students to gather insights and develop solutions for their communities' challenges by themselves.