Oracle supported "Virtual Classroom-Hub & Spoke Model" started in April 2015, and has directly benefitted 1,080 students and 44 teachers in the four schools across three district of Odisha. The support is being implemented through the Charity Aid Foundation (CAF).

Harnessing Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to enhance quality of teaching and learning in Science, Mathematics, English and Arts is the principal objective of the initiative. In addition, it also aims to make web-based knowledge resources accessible to students and teachers. Witnessing an overwhelming response to the model ICT learning centres established in two schools at Rudhapadar and Thuamul Rampur in 2015-16, Oracle was pleased to extend similar support to other two schools at Koinpur and Kankia during 2016-17.

Besides the e-learning centres in the schools, a well-equipped centre has been established at Mohuda campus, which acts as the Resource Hub to supplement the four ICT labs with ready-to-use teaching aids. The Project functions as a "Hub and Spoke Model" and leverages ICT's full potential to overcome challenges associated with remote locations of the schools. A digital library has also been set-up at the Hub which through video tutorials facilitates capacity building of the four schools which act as Spokes to this Hub.

Technology specialists at the Hub level and subject experts from the schools have put together their efforts in designing a framework and content for e-teaching and learning. They have been successfully able to create video tutorials for science experiments ranging from Grades 6-10 in English and in the mother tongue of the students. It is heartening to know that students of the schools have also contributed to the effort.

All the students and teachers have embraced the e-learning centres. For some of them, the e-learning centres have created a new world enhancing their learning manifold.  

Barsa Rani Pradhan is a student of Class 7th, at Vidya Vihar in Rudhapadar. She is from a small village, Bhagwanpur in Odisha's Nayagarh district. While her friends are busy playing during their spare time, she loves to spend her time in the computer lab. "I was always keen to know what was happening around the world and was earlier restricted by the lack of access to information," she says. The Oracle supported e-learning centre in her school was a dream come true for Barsa. "Internet has turned out to be a good friend. Even though I am from a small village I can explore the whole world through the internet. I am very happy to know what is going on all across the country and the world."Being a bright student, Barsa was quick to learn the navigation skills and access to multimedia encouraged her to create and explore. Her Class teacher says that the You Tube videos have proved to be immensely helpful for Barsa and her friends to comprehend the theory with practical aspects. Barsa is the first generation in her family to get access to education and she is both happy and proud of it.