Safe migration initiatives help youth make informed job choices, producer company and technology applications boost farm incomes

We developed the Safe and Dignified Migration programme under which we evolved a corridor approach for safe migration, set up source and destination level migrant resource centres, and trained women as geriatric caregivers. Our mentorship to the Prakruti Bandhu Farmer Producer Company empowered small farmers with knowledge and access to quality inputs and crop management, through installation of automatic micro weather stations for forecasting and ICTs for dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge, and by facilitating linkages to interest-free working capital loans. We facilitated socio-technical measures for community level systems to improve farming practices and coverage in Nayagarh district. We initiated a longer-term livelihood development intervention focused on horticulture, skilling of youth and strengthening women self-help groups to take up productive enterprises for a cluster of villages affected by tropical cyclone Fani.