We are supporting 9500 tribal and rural poor families, across Odisha and Jharkhand, to overcome the health and livelihood challenges from the pandemic. We are using our extensive experience in emergency response and rehabilitation, since 1971, to help them rebuild their lives.

A 'hat-tip' to our partners: Gram Vikas' 20 weeks COVID-19 Response

In the past 20 weeks, since Gram Vikas began its COVID-19 response work, we have received the continued support of our partners. Organisations, civil society groups and individuals came forward and helped us support our partner communities. With their help, we have been able to reach out to 23,459 families in 708 habitations in 10 districts of Odisha and one in Jharkhand.

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A monthly income of ₹ 10,000 likely to reduce out-migration for work

A new study on migrant workers from Odisha shows that immediate and significant external interventions are needed to ensure that migration-dependent households in rural Odisha do not experience a deepening of misery caused by the pandemic.

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Your smallest contribution can help the affected individuals and communities.


NREGA helps the rural poor find work and incomes during the pandemic

Gram Vikas supports village local governments in Odisha identify work locally, in building individual assets and community infrastructure, to provide livelihoods for rural households. A story from Tidasing Gram Panchayat where MGNREGS funds were utilised to make farm lands of four farmers cultivable.

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Rural economy does not have jobs for unemployed migrant youth

In Kalahandi, enterprising young men who returned to their villages struggle to find work even as they are apprehensive to go back to their work places outside the state. A story from rural Odisha.

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Wives and mothers of migrant workers cope with the burden of separation while having to keep the homes running

With the men who migrated on work losing their jobs post the pandemic lockdown, women back home struggle with dual concern of survival and worry for their sons and husbands.

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Uncertainty over their future looms large for migrant workers without work

The hotel that Ramesh worked at in Kerala shut due to the lockdown and he had to return to his village in Odisha in east India. He does not know how he will take care of his wife, young child and aged parents.

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Local government response brings much needed relief to families in rural Odisha

Timely distribution of food, pension and other financial assistance by the local governments helps the rural poor to cope with the stress of the pandemic outcomes.

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Your smallest contribution can help the affected individuals and communities.

Kitchen gardens ensure access to food for families during the lockdown

Women’s efforts in the past on growing vegetables in their backyard nourished by the grey water from household toilets is ensuring a steady supply of food during the pandemic related lockdown in Odisha.

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The pandemic forces women migrant workers to make different life choices

Women from remote, tribal Odisha who migrated to cities have decided to discontinue working and choose education instead.

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New study highlights the devastation wrought by the pandemic on migrants from tribal and rural communities

The study notes that alleviating acute poverty, indebtedness, malnutrition and starvation deaths among the migrant workers and their families need immediate, simultaneous measures to be taken.

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Rural women entrepreneurs find livelihood opportunities in preventing pandemic spread

Women in villages of Odisha are using their time to make protective gear to keep their communities safe while earning an income.

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Household piped water supply keeps village communities safe during the pandemic

Solving a water crisis during the pandemic lockdown is next to impossible. But 67,000 households in rural Odisha are staying safe because they solved the water crises in their villages much before the pandemic hit.

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Helpline, government linkages and outreach reassure migrant workers stranded due to the pandemic lockdown

An exclusive helpline for migrant workers combined with local government collaboration at destination sites resolves their food, accomodation and health issues.

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Wellbeing initiatives keep stranded migrant workers meaningfully engaged during the lockdown

An initiative, Khelo Bandhu, creatively engages young, stranded migrant workers to help them learn new skills while exploring their interests.

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Your smallest contribution can help the affected individuals and communities.