Deloitte India team dedicates a day to engage with first generation learners at Gram Vikas Vidya Vihar school


By GV News Desk

18 December 2023

Gram Vikas Vidya Vihar, our residential school in Jagannathprasad block of Ganjam district, recently hosted a group of volunteers from Deloitte India’s Bhubaneshwar office. This day-long programme saw 48 staff members travel 160km from Bhubaneswar to engage with the students, who are predominantly first-generation learners from Adivasi communities.

Upon arrival, the school’s headmaster, Mr. Adarsh Montry introduced the Deloitte team to the students and teachers. The event, held in the Community Hall, began with an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for the day’s activities.

The Deloitte volunteers conducted various sessions throughout the day, divided according to age groups for effectiveness. The younger students from Classes 1 to 5 participated as one group, while Classes 6 to 10 were split into separate groups for more specialised attention.

The activities covered a range of topics including career counselling, financial literacy, cybercrime awareness, and sessions specifically for girls on sanitation, menstrual hygiene, and gender violence awareness. The volunteers came equipped with drawing sheets, posters, and videos, making the sessions interactive and visually engaging.

The day concluded with a cultural programme put on by the students, showcasing their talents in dance and song, to the delight of the volunteers. In response, the Deloitte team distributed learning kits to all 353 students, containing essential materials to support their educational journey.

Reflecting on the visit, Aditya Bodu, Deputy Manager-Talent at Deloitte India, commended the school’s infrastructure, recognising the advantageous environment it provides for the students. He shared, “I was genuinely moved by the warm welcome extended to us by the students and teachers of Gram Vikas Vidya Vihar. These students are welcoming and the hospitality was really praiseworthy. Students possess a commendable knowledge of global affairs. It was pleasantly surprising to witness the high standards of cleanliness maintained by the students and their active involvement in cultivating a diverse range of vegetables in the school premises. The school infrastructure is truly impressive, and the students are fortunate to be part of such an institution.”

Reporting and photos by Bhisma Kumar Bai.

The Deloitte India team interact with the students of Gram Vikas Vidya Vihar school in Rudhapadar.

Photograph by Bhisma Kumar Bai


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