100-100 Project – Solar Pumping based Drinking Water for Rural India

The project ‘Solar Pumping based Drinking Water for Rural India’ sought to provide a consistent and reliable water supply at the village level along with sanitation facilities. A total of 13 tribal villages in Odisha were to benefit from this work.

The project aimed to implement solar pumping systems for clean and piped drinking water supply to improve the health conditions and reduce infant mortality rate by reducing the waterborne diseases, and to eliminate open defecation.


864 households, 4480 persons, 21 villages


6 districts in Odisha and Jharkhand




April 2015 to March 2018


₹ 73.5 lakh


Sunlit Future


  • Preparation of the bore well / and cleaning of the well
  • Selecting the location of the overhead storage tank (OHT) and ensuring proper construction
  • Laying of the pipeline from the open well to the OHT
  • Distribution of the pipeline from OHT to each household using proper materials


  • Reduced drudgery for women from fetching drinking water in buckets in peak summer months
  • Improved physical health of women and general condition of all villagers due to the accessibility of safe drinking water
  • Prevented open defecation due to the presence of sanitation facilities