Community-Owned Social and Agroforestry Phase III

Phase III of the “Community-Owned Social and Agroforestry” project will plant fruit, fodder, and fuel-bearing species in about 155 acres of the catchment area of groundwater sources to ensure water source sustainability while improving livelihoods through effective management of natural resources. Water conservation measures will be undertaken in the recharge zone, whereas in the discharge zone, the focus will be on water harvesting structures. This phase will expand the efforts to three more villages directly benefiting 636 households in Thuamul Rampur block in Odisha’s Kalahandi district.

The project aims to plant productive fruit, fodder, and fuel-bearing species in 155 acres in the watershed area of the groundwater sources to realise the dual benefits of water source sustainability while improving natural resources-based livelihoods.


55,500 trees in 155 acres


Kalahandi in Odisha




April 2021 to Present


₹51 lakh


InterGlobe Foundation


  • Community mobilisation and institution building
  • Monitoring of groundwater sources across all habitations
  • Training and capacity building of self help groups, village development committee and community cadre 
  • Identification of land for plantation and demarcation
  • Land development activities
  • Setting up a nursery for developing saplings
  • Social and agroforestry plantation
  • Promote intercropping practices in the plantation land
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