Holistic Rural Development Programme in Balangir district

The Holistic Rural Development Programme in Balangir district aims to reach nearly 18000 persons in 4660 households. This project intervenes in the areas of natural resource management, skill development, livelihood enhancement of the farmers, education, health and sanitation.

The project seeks to enable dignified and healthy living among the rural communities through self-governance.


4660 households, 20 villages


Balangir district in Odisha




January 2022 to March 2025


₹7.13 Crores


HDFC Bank Parivartan


  • Installing 200 numbers of solar energy led street lighting systems in 20 villages
  • Renovation of 6 community ponds through de-siltation and stabilising the bunds.
  • Periphery development of 4 community ponds
  • Repairing the water channels
  • Training, promotion and demonstration on improved package of practices in rice, green gram and vegetable cultivation for around 600 farmers
  • Establishing Automatic Weather Station (AMS) with agro-advisory services
  • Formation and value addition support to Farmers Producers Groups covering 400 farmers across 12 villages
  • Organising animal health camps
  • Capacity assessment and aspiration mapping for engagement with  women SHGs
  • Capacity building of the village institutions
  • Refurbishing government schools into smart schools
  • Training school children on health and hygiene
  • Strengthening child parliament
  • Raising platforms of drinking water sources to facilitate easy waste water drainage and a hygienic village environment
  • Building capacity and providing technical assistance for Water Quality Management
  • Repairing and augmenting the toilet and bathing rooms of around 600 families across 4 villages
  • Building capacity and technical support for Solid-Liquid waste management
  • Sensitising adolescent girls on personal and menstrual hygiene
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