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Oracle Smart Community Interface

The 'Oracle Smart Community Interface - Bridging the Market and Health Services Gap in Tribal Areas of Odisha' project addresses information separation between small producers and markets on one hand and maternal and child health service (ICDS) users and service providers on the other. It supplements earlier interventions in horticulture and health-related services and is implemented in remote locations of Ganjam and Kalahandi districts in Odisha.

The project aims to establish a ‘smart community interface’ to overcome information separation between the market and farmers to aid better livelihoods for small producers, and health service providers and women for improved health of the women and children.  


500 farmers, 500 VWSC members, 7000 persons


Kalahandi & Ganjam in Odisha




April 2018 to March 2019


INR 48.09 lakh


Oracle Giving, through Charities Aid Foundation, India


  • Setting up of hardware systems for Oracle Smart Community Interface
  • Setting up of software for Oracle Smart Community Interface
  • Creating and sharing market intelligence and information system with farmers
  • Creating and sharing health information system for use by villagers and ICDS beneficiaries
  • Training of VWSC personnel for integration with ICDS