Solar Micro-Grid Renewal for Rural Lives & Livelihoods

The Solar Micro-Grid Renewal for Rural Lives & Livelihoods project will provide consistent access to high-quality electricity to  Maligaon village in Kalahandi district of Odisha. This project will provide Maligaon with a firm-footing on the next rung up the energy ladder via the renewal of the solar micro-grid and demonstrate the new promise of micro-grids to support rural lives and livelihoods.    

The project aims to provide consistent access to high-quality electricity via the use of modern technologies and effective community management for pumps, motors and other electrical devices that can bolster rural livelihoods.



300 people, 50 households


Kalahandi in Odisha




September 2018 to Present


₹ 53.17 lakh


Odisha State Planning Board, State Bank of India Youth for India Fellowship, CAT International Projects


  • Adding new technical components to the micro-grid including a 16kW total PV array capacity, 50kWh lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) no maintenance battery bank and smart meters with prepaid payment systems
  • Training three women in essential solar engineering who are overseeing and facilitating the renewal process and will run the renewed system as a small business as three co-operators
  • Planning and implementing livelihood based productive end uses for the renewed the system such as pumps for irrigation, motors for further processing of existing crops and fridges for small shops to store and sell certain medicines and perishable items
  • Constructing customised household electrical distribution boards to be installed at each household
  • Refurbishing the solar compound and solar powerhouse by the local fabricators of Maligaon
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