Overburdened Community Health Centre receives support from Gram Vikas staff


By GV News Desk

30 June 2021

As hospitals remain overburdened due to the COVID-19 cases in rural Odisha, Gram Vikas has stepped up and provided trained staff members to help the health system respond better. In June 2021, five Gram Vikas staff members started supporting the Community Health Centre (CHC) in the Jagannath Prasad block of the Ganjam district in Odisha.

The CHC staff was overburdened due to the large inflow of patients, finding it difficult to monitor the patients admitted. Anxious family members often rushed to meet doctors and the medical staff.

When the director of the CHC requested support, Gram Vikas immediately engaged five of its staff members already trained on crowd management, thermal screening, and using an Oximeter. Our staff who were already trained used the resources and experience to sensitise the family members.

“Due to the pandemic, there was a heavy burden on me and the staff. We couldn’t have pulled it alone. Due to Gram Vikas’ support, I was able to give specific attention to the patients I was attending to,” said Dr. Kiran Kumar Das of the CHC.

While the doctors and nurses looked after the patients, Gram Vikas staff ensured social distancing in the CHC and the pharmacy area. They counselled and encouraged those visiting the CHC to take the vaccination.

So far, we have reached out to 53,000 households in 11 districts of Odisha.

Gram Vikas staff doing thermal screening of those turning up for vaccination in Community Health Centre, Jagannath Prasad.

Photograph by Narayan Sahu


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