Community-based Spring Water Supply System

The ‘Community-based Spring Water Supply System’ project seeks to harness the potential of perennial springs to ensure safe water and livelihoods for rural communities.

The project aims to promote community-based spring water supply systems by changing the perception around springs from a ‘source’ to a ‘resource’ for safe water and livelihoods.


21 villages


Kandhamal, Kalahandi, Gajapati districts in Odisha




November to December 2019


₹ 33 lakh




  • Identification and mapping of springs 
  • Developing a mobile app for data collection and a ‘GIS-based Spring Atlas’ of mapped springs
  • Developing a web portal with a visualisation module linked to Google Earth to make the mapped data easily accessible online
  • Identifying the development potential of Springs for tribal hamlets and vulnerable groups nearest to the mapped Springs 
  • Mobilising and creating a cadre of para-hydrologists to identity and map springs, test water, rejuvenate and protect Springs 
  • Training government officials and NGOs/CSOs on aspects of spring sustainability, water management, water user associations 
  • Developing detailed project reports for subsequent implementation by the government
  • Preparing an integrated development model linking spring development to water supply for drinking, households and agricultural consumption, elimination of open defecation, and improving nutritional intake; enhancing livelihoods and generating power through pico-hydro technology  


  • 70 men trained as village level cadres to support in developing spring inventorisation
  • 170 Springs mapped with details uploaded on a website called ‘The Springs Portal’
  • Developed five detailed project reports for spring-fed community water supply 
  • Developed a handbook for training para-hydrologists on concepts of spring shed and community-level natural resource management
  • Developed a holistic rural development framework detailing possible convergences with government programmes for springshed related community development
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