Community-led Environment Restoration and Women-led Livelihood Enhancement

The project “Community-led Environment Restoration and Women-led Livelihood Enhancement” aims to strengthen community institutions and empower women’s leadership abilities to improve the sustainability and productivity of natural resources. The efforts seek to ensure a 15- 20% increased income from the baseline through adequate land and water conservation initiatives and strengthening women's economic participation.

The project will build infrastructure, promote land and water restoration practices for ecological and economic sustainability, and strengthen women’s participation in household and community development through institutional, technical and financial capabilities.


2112 households, 52 villages


Gajapati district in Odisha




October 2022 to October 2025


₹1 crore


IndiGo Reach


  • Prepare baseline data for the proposed watershed
  • Prepare village action plan on environment restoration, water security and livelihood enhancement with special focus to women led livelihoods
  • Design project, certification and monitoring according to the conditions of the Clean Development Mechanism
  • Conduct training of Village Development Committee , Van Suraksha Samiti and community members on forest regeneration, restoration and management, agro-forestry for environment and livelihood
  • Implement land development activities for forest and water conservation
  • Promote social and agroforestry with ecologically suitable plant varieties 
  • Promote ecological restoration activities around the village and Gram Panchayat public infrastructures
  • Instal Automatic Weather Station and agri-advisory services
  • Facilitate formation and strengthening of women groups to restore the indigenous plant species 
  • Facilitate community women-owned nurseries with local plant species suitable for social and agroforestry
  • Promote intercropping and low-input women-friendly agriculture activities by the community women
  • Promote women led backyard gardening with seasonal and perennial plants 
  • Promote women led enterprises and exposure trips for community women on forest restoration
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