Cyclone Fani Relief and Restoration

The ‘Cyclone Fani Relief and Restoration’ work provided immediate relief while restoring infrastructure damaged by Cyclone Fani in Khordha district of Odisha. Extremely severe cyclonic storm, Fani, made landfall on 3 May 2019 on the coast of Puri in Odisha, severely affecting Puri and Khordha districts. Gram Vikas provided immediate relief to the communities in the peripheries of Bhubaneswar in Khordha district. In consultation with the district administration, we undertook relief and restoration work in three gram panchayats of Chandaka, Andharua and Daruthenga, in the periphery of the Chandaka Reserve Forest in Khordha.

The project aimed to provide affected households with food relief and support the communities for restoration of infrastructure damaged by the cyclone.


1154 families, 11 villages


Khordha district in Odisha




May to June 2019


In-kind support


Goonj, Support from individuals


  • Village-wise rapid assessment across eight villages to identify the extent of damage
  • Distribution of food kits to 1154 families across 11 villages
  • Cloth for Work programme in collaboration with Goonj for infrastructure restoration


  • 1154 families received food kits consisting of daily food items, immediately after the cyclone
  • Household-wise rapid assessment reports prepared for 870 HHs across 8 villages
  • Infrastructure restoration work taken up through cloth for work programme, supported 646 families with cloth for work kits
  • Cleaning of village, cleaning & repairing of village road, cleaning of water sources, installation of electric pole, cleaning of school & AWC, surrounding of tube well done across 8 villages
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