Cyclone Titli Early Recovery Interventions

The ‘Cyclone Titli Early Recovery Interventions’ project will support  cyclone affected communities to build back their livelihoods in a sustainable way and supplement the efforts made by the Government of Odisha in habitat reconstruction. The focus will be on  women and livelihoods activities prioritised by them.

The project aims to support villages and households affected by Cyclone Titli to help build resources that will aid long-term reconstruction.


1350 households, 55 villages


Ganjam, Gajapati in Odisha




May 2019 to November 2019


₹ 49.69 lakh


United Nations Development Programme


  • Creating a pool of trained masons to support habitat reconstruction
  • Capacity building of women-led microenterprises in off-farm and non-farm sectors
  • Regeneration of tree plantations for income generation and on the upper reaches for protecting water sources
  • Providing supplementary nutrition at the household level


  • 127 young unskilled workers (women and men) in the construction sector upskilled through training in masonry
  • Horticulture plantation done across 200 acres of land benefitting 649 households spread across 30 villages
  • Around 19000 mango and cashew saplings planted in the orchards fully damaged by Cyclone Titli
  • Sustainability of water sources, damaged due to cyclones and landslides, ensured through social forestry activities in the catchment area of the springs
  • More than 6000 plants from eight different species planted across 20 acres of land benefitting around 200 households spread across six villages
  • Working capital, infrastructure and accounting support provided to six microenterprise groups engaged in non/off-farm livelihoods
  • Six microenterprise groups trained in “Enterprise Development” for efficient management and expansion of businesses including through exposure visits
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