Oracle Smart Community Interface for Farmers and Migrant Workers

The strengthened ‘Oracle Smart Community Interface - Information and Connectivity Services to Farmers and Migrant Workers in Tribal Areas of Odisha’ will support farmers with agronomic and market information, migrant workers with connectivity and financial services, teachers and students with digital literacy programmes, skills and career courses; families and ICDS staff with health, hygiene and nutrition education.

This project aims to develop a community owned and managed model of resource management that uses information and communication technologies to improve the quality of life in communities having limited physical access and connectivity.


500 farmers and migrant workers, 11 villages


Ganjam, Gajapati, and Kalahandi in Odisha




April 2019 to March 2020


₹ 48.09 lakh


Oracle Giving through Charities Aid Foundation, India


  • Providing price and agronomic information to farmers
  • Educating mothers, adolescents and ICDS staff on health, hygiene and nutrition
  • Establishing connectivity and financial solutions for migrant workers’ families
  • Counselling school going children on career courses and skills
  • Strengthening Oracle Virtual Classrooms towards achieving digital literacy for residential school students from tribal communities


  • Farmers receive information on local market prices of the produce over SMS, and weather forecast around a 10 sq km radius of the Automatic Weather Station
  • Farmers and migrant workers in 17 villages, with limited or no telephone/internet connectivity, access locally relevant information at their doorsteps
  • Enabled users with low literacy to better access information and use digital visual content by shifting to a mobile application from a browser interface
  • Increased crop productivity through better crop planning and management of resources in Kharif and Rabi seasons
  • Enhanced community knowledge on grey water management and nutrition gardens helping households reduce water logging 
  • Supported migrant workers and village communities to adopt better hygiene practices through audiovisual aids on COVID awareness 
  • Improved financial Literacy and awareness on government schemes among migrant workers and their families 
  • Gathered intelligence on the nature of financial services required by migrant workers and their dependents based on block-wise profiling
  • Enhanced knowledge and capacity of Gram Vikas team to act on safe migration and climate resilient agriculture 
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