Restoration of Drinking Water Supply and Livelihood Security in Cyclone Fani affected villages

The project ‘Restoration of Drinking Water Supply and Livelihood Security in Cyclone Fani affected villages’ established piped water supply systems in cyclone affected areas to benefit households, schools and anganwadis. Further, it enabled livelihood security for women and men from the village through skill building in masonry. The work was undertaken with community participation with Village Development Committees being formed and strengthened in the affected geographies.

The project aimed to support villages and households affected by Cyclone Fani through skill building for immediate livelihood security in the aftermath of the cyclone and providing access to clean and safe piped water.


136 families, 3 habitations


Khordha district in Odisha




August 2019 to January 2020


₹ 17. 33 lakhs


PricewaterhouseCoopers India Foundation


  • Formation and strengthening of Village Development Committee
  • Installation of piped water supply system
  • Supply of drinking water through water standposts
  • Construction of hand washing stations in the schools and anganwadis
  • Repairing of toilets in schools and anganwadis
  • Mason training for women and men from affected villages


  • Formed Village Development Committees in three villages
  • Built skills in masonry for 28 men and women for alternate livelihoods
  • Provided access to water through a 6000 litre RCC water tank in schools in three villages
  • Supported hygiene practices through hand wash basins with 4 taps in schools and basin with 2 taps in the anganwadi centers in three villages
  • Enabled access to drinking water supply through11 water standposts at various points in the village
  • Supported access to safe sanitation through repair of 10 toilets with water supply in schools and Anganwadis
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