Safe and Dignified Migration of the Rural Poor

The ‘Safe and Dignified Migration of the Rural Poor’ project created community-level capabilities, institutional systems, and processes to enable safe and dignified migration for migrant workers in the Odisha-Kerala corridor. The project helped 1800 migrant workers and their families to make informed migration decisions, build skills, provide information and decision support systems and ensure access to entitlements and social security schemes in Thuamul Rampur block in Odisha’s Kalahandi district.

The project aimed to ensure occupational, emotional, financial and social security for migrant workers and their families.


1800 households, 24 gram panchayats


Thuamul Rampur block, Kalahandi district in Odisha




March 2021 to March 2022


₹39.72 lakh




  • Establish a Community Champions Network (CCN) to coordinate with local governments to ensure timely access to entitlements, facilities, information, and communication for migrant workers and households. 
  • Prepare and maintain Gram Panchayat level Migrant Registry for real-time information on migrant workers with support from CCN.
  • Establish Shramik Bandhu Seva Kendra (SBSK) in Odisha and Bandhu Shramik Seva Kendra (BSSK) in Kerala as facilitation and resource centres for migrant workers.
  • Provide all the necessary information about employment opportunities, travel, and transit and provide to prepare bio-data and collect documentation.
  • Provide the necessary support to migrant workers in Kerala such as financial literacy, translation, transportation, accommodation, and psycho-social counseling.
  • Strengthen SHG networks to support women in migration-dependent households through Odisha Livelihood Mission.
  • Undertake financial literacy campaign in the Thuamul Rampur block in collaboration with ESAF Small Finance Bank


  • 128 financial literacy programmes conducted for migrants 
  • 41 griveances addressed through the helpline
  • 7923 migrant workers were facilitated with vaccination
  • 1019 migrant workers were enrolled in the Aawaz insurance scheme
  • 191 migrant workers were enrolled under the interstate migrant workers welfare scheme
  • 23 migrant workers and their families were enrolled for MCH services
  • 38 new bank accounts were opened through BSSK
  • 201 workers were registered in e-Shram portal
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