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Small Wind Energy System for Rural Energy Access

The project 'Small Wind Energy System for Rural Energy Access (SWES)' installed two small wind energy systems for rural electrification in two locations in Kalahandi district of Odisha. The energy from SWES was made available to the community through establishment of community charging station and local electricity distribution line.

The project aimed to transfer skills and knowhow from Nepal to fabricate, operate and maintain small wind turbines to the local manufacturers and user groups in Odisha.


60 households, 2 villages


Kalahandi in Odisha




April 2014 to January 2015


INR 18.2 lakh


Practical Action


  • Training to local youth in wind energy system fabrication
  • Developing detail energy plan in consultation with stakeholders
  • Formation of an Energy System Management Committee
  • Developing appropriate financing mechanisms
  • Formation of an operations and maintenance fund
  • Building capacity of the committee members in fund management
  • Undertaking all field level implementation activities including physical and electrical infrastructure development


  • Two small wind energy systems installed in two tribal villages of Kamalaguda and Tijmali in Kalahandi
  • 259 individuals benefit from electricity in their homes
  • Village institutional mechanism, Energy System Management Committee, in place to monitor and maintain the operations