Supporting Families affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing work of ‘Supporting Families affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic’ started on 15 March 2020. Gram Vikas reached out to partner village communities and migrant workers from these villages stranded outside Odisha with support.

The response initiative aims to support 9500 families in 275 villages across Odisha overcome the health and livelihoods challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.


15,845 households, 522 villages


10 districts in Odisha, Gumla in Jharkhand




March 2020 - present


Fundraising ongoing


CMID, ESAF Small Finance Bank


  • Community health awareness drives on health and safety measures against coronavirus
  • Distribution of masks
  • Health screening to test for coronavirus
  • Support to the local governments in pandemic response activities, and planning and implementation of NREGS
  • Engaging with the local government to ensure that families receive social entitlements
  • Rapid assessment to identify, reach and understand the impact of the lockdown on migrant workers from our partner villages
  • Helpline to migrant workers – women and men – stranded outside Odisha for ensuring their emotional wellbeing
  • Destination site support to stranded migrant workers to ensure their food, accomodation security
  • Distribution of kits with food, ration, essential household materials to vulnerable, daily wage dependent families
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