Transforming rural Migration for economic stability and better quality of life

The Safe and Dignified Migration Programme (SDMP), started by Gram Vikas in 2020, seeks to transition migration in rural areas from being distress-driven to opportunistic and aspirational, aiming for social and economic betterment in rural communities. Addressing the amplified challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme emphasises informed migration decisions, support systems for migrants, skill enhancement, and connection with administrative entities for access to entitlements and social security. The SDMP’s impact is measured by improved household decision-making, increased incomes, women’s economic participation, children’s education, and overall quality of life enhancements for migrant families. Operating with a corridor approach, it integrates facilitation centres, helplines, community champions, financial literacy initiatives, and micro-enterprise support. SDMP is structured around three core components: Occupational Security, enhancing migration choices and skills; Financial Security, improving financial literacy and investment of remittances; and Emotional and Social Security, supporting the emotional well-being of women and children affected by migration.