Understanding COVID-19 – situation and effects – numbers from remote, rural Odisha


By GV News Desk

10 June 2021

Gram Vikas had taken up its response to the second wave of COVID-19¸ in early May. Work on ground was taken up on ground during May 2021. Details of progress of the work till 07 June can be seen here.

Field level assessment

Gram Vikas conducted a second round of field assessments in the operational villages to get an understanding of the situation. We had done the first round during 20-30 April; the second round was conducted during 20-30 May 2021.

The assessment was carried out by field level personnel of Gram Vikas. Information was obtained from key informants in the villages – leaders of village institutions, elected representatives, village-level volunteers and frontline workers.

The results of the assessment, with a comparison with the numbers between the two rounds is presented below.

Coverage of the assessment

The districts covered in the assessment are Gajapati, Ganjam, Kalahandi, Kandhamal, Keonjhar and Sundergarh.

May Assessment April Assessment
Districts 6 6
Blocks 21 16
Gram Panchayats 72 55
Villages 281 246
Households 15,595 14,864
Population 70,178 66,888

Incidence of COVID-19, Deaths and Vaccination 

May Assessment April Assessment
Gram Panchayats 64 55
Villages 240 246
Households 13,563 14,864
Population covered 61,034 66,888
Number of persons tested COVID positive 263 34
Total deaths reported during April and May 83 Not collected
Deaths reported due to COVID 10 Not collected
Number of persons reporting COVID-like symptoms 780 1,086
Persons vaccinated 9,508 6,619
% of population vaccinated 15.58% 9.90%

Information about migrant workers 

May Assessment April Assessment
Gram Panchayats 63 36
Villages 243 192
Households 13,374 11,388
Number of households with migrant workers 1,981 1,382
Number of returned migrant workers 462 165
Return due to job loss/fear of job loss 163 22
Return due to fear of COVID 174 96
Migrant workers vaccinated at destination 69 47
Migrant workers vaccinated after return 24 0
Total migrant workers vaccinated 93 47
% of migrant workers vaccinated 20.13% 28.48%

Information about households with specific vulnerabilities 

May Assessment April Assessment
Gram Panchayats 72 45
Villages 274 208
Households 15,595 13,079
Women headed households 1,545 1,434
% of Women headed HHs 9.91% 10.96%
HHs with only aged people 898 601
% of HHs with only aged people 5.76% 4.60%
Households without PDS card 878 638
% of households without PDS card 5.63% 4.88%
Households with AAY card 1,121 Not collected
Households with no income earning member 801 818
Households without MGNREGS job card 1,586 990
Households reporting no work under MGNREGS in April/May 5,817 5,147
% of Households reporting no work under MGNREGS 37.30% 39.35%
Number of households dependent on artisanal livelihoods 585 Not collected
Number of severely malnourished children 220 Not collected

Information about children 

May Assessment April Assessment
Gram Panchayats 30 46
Villages 261 216
Total number of school going boys 3,511 3,702
Total number of school going girls 3,184 3,570
Number of Highschool boys 1,897 1,522
Number of Highschool girls 1,703 1,411

Purnima Devi from Silam village of Raidih block, Jharkhand taking the first dose of vaccine during the vaccine campaign in her village.

Photograph by Sumati Devi


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